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It gets stuck at the start on the Loading screen, I tried to launch as administrator but it didn't work.

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Shrine should not need administrator rights, so launching it as administrator should not change anything.

If you try to execute Shrine from the command line, do you see some errors thrown ? How to do so :

  1. Press WINDOWS + R
  2. Enter "cmd"
  3. Enter "cd path/to/the/aedron-shrine/folder"
  4. Enter "Aedron Shrine.exe"
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Aedron folder is C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\aedron-shrine

No error:

 {aedron-shrine v2.2.0} (Electron v5.0.7 | Node v12.0.0)

[main] app : Ready.
[main] BrowserWindow : Created <main>.
[main] BrowserWindow : Created <loading>.
[main] BrowserWindow : Shown <loading>.
<main> Library : Build finished.
<main> Library : Media preloaded.
<main> electron-store : Accessed default store.
<main> webContents : Registered basic controls.

Did you try to delete the folder %homepath%/Documents/AedronShrine before relaunching it ?

Same behaviour